Friday, July 1, 2011

a worthy start

I've decided to try and update this more often; Mainly out of complete boredom that I experience most days at my job. Because I don't want to carry my big SLR around with me all the time and film is a luxury that I cannot always indulge in, I've decided to start documenting a little more of what goes on in my life through the lens of my phone camera.

Not that my life is super interesting or anything, however, it is nice to tuck these little memories away to look back on later.

I'm looking forward to starting my three day weekend which will include hanging out with friends, BBQ's, swimming, and basically anything else that will get me out in the sun. Last weekend looked a little like this..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've always been a big fan of cooking and was somewhat forced to learn at a young age. Lately I've been taking a whole new approach on purchasing and preparing groceries; buying organic as much as possible, keeping track of price differences (this weekend I went to 4 different places to complete my grocery list.. yikes!), buying bulk grains and spices, keeping meals as healthy as possible, experimenting etc.

Last night I took a few of my favorite dishes and put them together and decided to document it. (click on photos to view larger)

shrimp seasoned with pepper, lemon pepper, chayenne pepper, garlic granules and lemon juice

chanterelle mushrooms, portobello, brussel sprouts and garlic

kale steamed and seasoned with bragg aminos

portobello seasoned with bragg liquid aminos, pepper, garlic granules and grilled

dressing made with veganaise, dill and lemon juice

chanterelle mushrooms simmering in butter, garlic and seasoned with pepper and salt

let the chanterelles cook for a few minutes and added shrimp

shrimp and mushroom mix on a bed of kale

steamed brussel sprouts and portobello mixed with lemon dill dressing

the end

Saturday, November 27, 2010

found photos

I randomly collected these photos in 2008 from the Anne Bonny. This little boy definitely grew up in style and his mom is a babe. My inherent jealousy is to a great extent.


February 1965 (front)

February 1965 (back)

January 1966

January 1966

February 1966

February 1966

May 1966

July 1966

October 1966

January 1967

September 1967

April 1968

April 1968

August 1968

November 1968

April 1969